Swimming Activity

Sport Session Swimming 💦🏊‍♀️🥽🌊

Time to shake the body and move it move it 😄🤩⚽🏉🏈🏏🤸🏒🏃🏾🥍🏈🏓🤾‍🥎🏀🏑🏒🥍🤽

In Sport Session we will try different sports together and enjoy playing it

This time let’s try Swimming 💦🏊‍♀️🥽🌊

Sunday 11th of February, 6:30 PM from city center
(Exact time and place will be shared with registered group)

Fee 💸 : 150 ₺ (Pool rent and Workshop)

Don’t miss an unforgettable day with our international community!

Nothing professional, we will do or try swimming and enjoy spending time together 👙💦🌊💧💧🫧🫧🏖

Afterwards we will sit in a cafe and have a lovely talk time

To join please DM us. 25 spots available

For more information please check click here and our intagram page.

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