Western & Nostalgia Party ✨🕺💃

International Night 🌏🌍🌎 Western & Nostalgia Party ✨🕺💃

Saturday 2nf of March

International Night 🌏🌍🌎
Western & Nostalgia Party ✨🕺💃🎶🔮📟📼💾💿📺

Let’s go back in time and enjoy good old days songs 🤠👢🌵🏜🐴📜⏳✨

LOCATION: the Rasa, Selanik St, no 74, Kizilay

Tickets at the door (depends on the time of arrival) :
100₺ (7:00 -8:30PM)
150₺ (after 8:30PM)

Time to make memories together and take amazing photos in one of the fantastic places in Ankara, Rasa, huge dance area and big stage ✨🕺💃 🎶

7:00PM Speaking Club
9:00PM Cowboy/Cowgirl Dance Show / Workshop
9:45PM International Nostalgia PARTY

Dancers ✨🕺💃 🎶: @omerqcetin @ilaydakaskaya

Dj 🎛🎶: @pikacumusic

Photographer 📸📸: @bbkagp

Get ready for an amazing night, IT WILL BE A SPECIAL ONE 😎🔥 🌙 ✨

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